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Decades of Experience

You are about to make what could be the largest investment of your lifetime, and I can help you feel confident you're making a decision with the information you need.

I'm Dave Elden and I have been working in, on or around homes since before I graduated high school 35 years ago. I am both a licensed general contractor and home inspector. In my years in construction and remodeling I have gained invaluable experience I can share with you in an easy to understand manner. In most cases, the onsite portion of an inspection is completed within about 2 hours and detailed reports with pictures highlighting items of concern are normally delivered by email within 24 hours.


 Dave Elden, licensed MA home inspector

Dave Elden, licensed MA home inspector

We'll answer all your questions

  • Is this home safe for me and my family?

  • What parts are damaged and need repair?
  • Is the structure of the house in good condition?
  • What will need to be done once we move in?
  • Any other questions you may have during or after the inspection

Pricing Schedule:

I have a $399.00 minimum charge for condominiums and small houses up to 1200 sq ft. Above that size the following rates apply:

$499.00        1201   to   2000    sq ft

$569.00        2001   to   3000    sq ft

$649.00        3001   to   4000    sq ft

$749.00        4001   to   5000    sq ft

$849.00        5001   to   6000    sq ft

$949.00         6001  to   7000    sq ft

Over 7000 sq ft. is determined on a case by case basis.

Accessory structures, carriage houses etc., are on a case by case basis.

Radon testing (by Accustar short term testing kit) is included in all inspection fees if such testing is desired. 




The Ma. Board of Registration of Home Inspectors and Elden Home Inspection recommend you attend the inspection

This allows the you to:

  • Observe the inspector and the inspection process
  • Ask the inspector questions directly
  • Obtain a better understanding of the condition of the home
  • Learn how the systems of the home work, and how to maintain those systems

The written report may be easier to understand if the buyer is present during the inspection.

At the conclusion of the home inspection, the buyer should:

  • Be well informed of the condition of the home
  • Know if there are visible, apparent problems
  • Know if repairs are required
  • Know whether or not there are any risks of concealed damage
  • Know whether further investigation is recommended or required by licensed contractors

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